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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

If you're like me, then you're probably overwhelmed with thinking of ways you can save up enough cash to buy new items for your summer wardrobe, as well as catch a movie and lunch with your friends a few times. The real challenge is trying to finance these summer plans! I think I've found a few ways that seem to be working for me so far.

1). Get a part time job. This may be harder than it sounds, but you have nothing to lose. Put on a nice casual outfit, neutral fresh makeup, and hit the streets (In a good way). I recommend starting at clothing stores like Victoria's Secret, and Forever 21. They're always hiring, and since it's the summer, many seasonal positions are available. Fill out applications in store, instead of online (if offered), that way you can sell yourself with a bright smile when handing in your application to a manager.

2). Drink Water! This might sound like a heath tip instead of a money saving tip but it actually is. Ordering a drink from a menu day after day, night after night, adds up. They usually run you anywhere between $2.oo and $5.00 ! Water is a healthy choice and FREE choice.

3). D.I.Y. Do It Yourself. It's the summer so you and I both know we want to look our best, but it's time we start pulling tricks from our sleeve. Instead of searching deep in your wallet for money to get your hair and nails done, do it yourself. If you need help, search for tutorials on YouTube, or ask a friend. There are plenty of ways to pull off fun & stylish looks on your own!

4). Host a "Kick-Back." A "Kick-Back" is a laid back type of party. Since you are the host, you can invite all your friends and you can see them at one place, for free. Pull out the old board games like Twister, and Scrabble, whip up some finger food snacks and lemonade to drink & there you go! A night out just turned into a night in, that's a lot of fun, and inexpensive.

5). 50/50 Rule. Half of whatever amount of money that falls into your possession is saved and the other half is fair game. That way you don't feel so bad about splurging one half, knowing that you've saved the other. Open a savings account. Most saving accounts have a minimum balance, this can be another motivating force for you to save.

I hope these tips work for you. Good luck & happy saving!

1 comment:

  1. One time I actually calculated how much I needed save in order to buy some big item, i saved 54%, for that, 20% for reserve, and the rest was free money!. I have to say, my account was ballin.
    I def plan to use all these tips