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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Budget-nista- (n) Someone who is highly fashionable, but shops smart. Great finds, for great prices.

That is my definition of a "Budget-nista", a word that I "tweaked" from Tyra Banks word, "Recessionista." Both words pretty much mean the same thing. I like to think of myself as a Queen of finding some of the best items for little to nothing! If it's not on sale, or clearance, I usually don't buy it unless its a quality item that I know will never go down in price, or if I'm splurging to treat myself every once in a while. There's no shame in that.

Last night, I took a trip to Walmart to pick up a few things, I don't usually go to Walmart for clothes, but as I was walking by the clothing section, I saw a couple great finds for amazingg prices. These items are perfect for the summer!

OP Double V Tank for $4.00, with matching OP Elastic Waist Shorts for $5.00.

These sets came in a range of different colors and patterns. I am obsessed with all things cheetah print so ofcourse I had to choose this set. This is perfect lounge wear around the house, or over a bathing suit.

Walmart also had really cute print & colored bikini swimsuits that I almost purchased. Here is one that I loved from the website.

Op - Juniors Printed String Bikini Top Op - Juniors Printed String Bikini Bottoms

its only $8.00/piece !!!!

I did not find the tank & shorts set on the website, but the bikini swimsuits are available online!!

Happy Shopping!


  1. those are well cute x

  2. Nice prints, perfect for summer :)
    Thanks for checking out my blog hun!